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"This is Judy. She picks (some of my neighbors say she steals) flowers out of beds around Corktown in Detroit. On this day, she came and greeted me in my backyard and I invited her to a glass of my dad's homemade Dandelion wine. She liked it. I then started clearing my backyard of shrubs and pulling weeds from my neglected garden, we chatted some more, and she suddenly said I urgently needed some flowers. She took off through my fence gate and disappeared for a couple minutes and when she came back had a wad of flowers in her hands--roots and all. We planted these flowers together after I took this picture."  - Mark Alor Powell


This post is part of The People Project, a series of posts about people ranging from portraiture, self portraiture, performance works, still and moving image works, street candids and studio created works.

Mathew Lynn

Melbourne Cup Day, 2012

I'm not the type of person who shows any particular interest in horse racing or fashion. It was for that reason, I decided to spend the day away from the crowds in Melbourne's CBD. With a public holiday and wet weather predicted, I knew I would have an opportunity to stroll in the rain and experience a relatively empty city.

Later in the day, racegoers started to flow into the city. Beautiful women, handsome men and drunkards started flowing in off the train. Flinders street become awash with colour. At about the same time, a wave of rain flowed across the city. I was lucky enough to spot this lady watching them dash across Flinders Street trying to avoid the rain.

Mathew Lynn 1421462_10151962300315622_941271955_n.jpg

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