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Christine McFetridge - The weather was ideal


my friend who used to shout
his dead wife's name from hilltops
around Perugia. Who set a plate
for her at his simple table long after
she was gone. And opened the windows
so she could have fresh air. Such display
I found embarrassing. So did his other
friends. I couldn't see it.
Not until this morning.'

Taken from Raymond Carver’s, Grief


The only constant thing in life is knowing that not only does life in general change but also ourselves, whether that is physically or emotionally. Each day we are different from the day before even in the slightest ways. And with that knowledge comes the inevitability of losing loved ones. I remember when my grandfather died, he was a strong and often stubborn man who had a soft spot for us grandchildren. Losing someone so close was something I had not experienced before, I did not know how to deal with it – perhaps at the end of the day none of us ever really know.

These little moments were triggered instantly on the viewing of McFetridge’s series of work The Winter Garden, such private and wonderful subtleties are captured amongst the scenes of family, home and exteriors.

“I look specifically at the changes confronting my family unit and the nature of home as a physical place that has the potential to validate our sense of being and belonging.”

Tenuous moments and connections between people and place are explored through her practice and with McFetridge’s move to Melbourne, Australia that has become even more of a motivation to her work.

Sometimes the most important moments are the quiet ones, the breaths in between, the people you see walking down the street or the clouds overhead. McFetridge captures these effortlessly, a personal take on the everyday life she experiences and an insight to those she cares about. But it is not exclusive nor inaccessible, she captures scenes that allow the viewer to feel comfortable to find their own connection with.

I remember the days, weeks and months after my Grandfather died the memory of his life resonated within us all. As I look through McFetridge’s images, I get this same feeling.

- Talia Smith


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