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Most interesting photographer you came across for the first time: Tristan Duke, Los Angeles. California.


Most interesting video artists you came across: Annika Strom

Best exhibition:  Confiscation CabinetsMuseum of Childhood, London. 9 Nov 2013- 1 June 2014

Installation photographs courtesy of Museum of Childhood

Installation photographs courtesy of Museum of Childhood

Best photo book with furniture in it: Skirts by Clare Strand

Skirts by Clare Strand
A new publication by GOST Books
Limited Edition of 500 copies
Introduction by Philippe Starck
ISBN 978-0-9574272-3-5 

Best book: anything by Hilary Mantel

Best television series: Breaking Bad (of course)

Best movie: The Conspiracy


Best youtube video: Put a Bird on it - Portlandia.

Best music video: She’s Making Jewellery Now – Portlandia.

Best website: www.pointless.com

Best publication: Technology Monthly in the Guardian.

Best thing: Holidays

Best completely miscellaneous thing: Marshmallows

Stupidest Decision: buying cheap bin bags

Best Flashback: Cut grass (every time)

Sad goodbyes: Photoworks magazine

Exciting hellos: Receptionist Club Turban, Turkey.

Best triumphs: Our daughters enjoying school.

Happiest moment: Club Turban, Turkey.

Greatest loss for everyone: Walter White

Greatest win for everyone: Jesse Pinkman.

Any predictions for next year?: There’s going to be some highs and lows, and some bits that are just average, and maybe some stuff that falls into none of these categories.

Best Clever person : Chris Mullen , Brighton.

Best new book publisher: GOST Books

Best Gallery Manager: Jim Edwards

Best Fun Event: The MacDonaldStrand Photo Pub Quiz.

Best at their job: The staff in my local Costa Coffee

Best surprise speech: Matt Damon( The Problem is civil obedience)

Best Bad person: David Cameron

Best work of mine: Control In Motion

Clare Strand
Control in Motion with people in motion at Paris Photo...
Control in Motion, 2013
Bespoke electronic mutoscope with 50 6x4" photographic exposed paper panels.

Best Kid in 4P:  Dolly MacDonald

Best Kid in Sparrows class: Vernie MacDonald.

Best wine: Any

Best online magazine: Excerpt!

Best at flattery: me ( see above)


Clare Strand is a UK based artist who exhibits independently and as part of the collaborative duo MacDonaldStrand who were in Issue 5 of Excerpt Magazine. Clare is represented by Brancolini Grimaldi, London.

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