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Most interesting photographer/s you came across for the first time: Alison Rossiter because she brought old papers, alternative processes and art history to life with enthusiasm and eloquence.

Best Interviewee: Stacy Kranitz  because she skyped with me from an Appalachian bed with a hangover – and her work is immediate but also connects to research and thinking..

Best exhibition: Art in Miniature at the Holburne Museum. There weren’t many pictures there so you had to look really carefully at what was there – using the magnifying glasses provided.

Best exhibition of 300 year old Japanese porn:  Shunga at the British Museum Guardin review HERE

Best photo books L'Amoureuse by Anne de Gelas because it’s so sad and Dalston Anatomy by Lorenzo Vitturi because it’s so colourful. (read Colin's words for Emaho magazine about Dalston Anatomy HERE)

L'amoureuse by Anne De Gelas Format 20 x 28.5 cm 96 pages, Text FR + EN 550 copies, signed.

L'amoureuse by Anne De Gelas
Format 20 x 28.5 cm
96 pages, Text FR + EN
550 copies, signed.

Best book: Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo. Life lived in Mumbai with humanity vying with inhumanity to get your attention.

Best television series: The Returned. It’s French and it’s about people returning from the dead. Incredible casting, acting, music and locations make for my TV highlight of the year.

Best movie: OK, so The Passion of Joan of Arc was made in 1928 but I saw it at Bath Abbey in 2013. Great location, a packed house and a score that included six guitars, harps and vocals made this the cinematic event of the year.

The Passion of Joan of Arc, Movie, 1928  

The Passion of Joan of Arc, Movie, 1928

Best music: Me and my daughter singing The Internationale on my Revolutionary themed Come Dine With Me Night. That counts in the worst music category as well

Most cloying song: Somewhere Only We Know sung by Lily Allen for a John Lewis ad with a hare and bare love affair, friendly foxes and Christmas all wrapped up in a nausea-inducing package.

Most annoying ad: Do you get this perfume ad in Australia. The one where the guy says,  ‘I am not going to be the person I am expected to be anymore.’ Chanel, Scorsese, Gaspard, Mick and Keef, if they had any shame they would shrivel up into a ball of dried out phlegm.

BLEU DE CHANEL - The Film, with Gaspard Ulliel, Directed By Martin Scorsese Music: "She Said Yeah" by The Rolling Stones" Album "December's Children (And Everybody's)"

ed note: I hadn't seen any of these ads before. WOW- they are awful.

Best thing: Pussy Riot themed stuffed Peppers on my Wife’s Eastern Come Dine With Me night

Best completely miscellaneous thing: My Revolutionary Themed Come Dine With Me menu.

Best flashback: Remembering the steak and Guinness pie cooked with too much Guinness that had been reduced to a sticky jus; tastes like roadkill in hot tarmac with a pastry lid. Less is more, remember, less is more.

Happiest moments: Looking for Samuel Beckett’s grave in Paris, laughing on a roller coaster at Blackpool as my daughter screamed and sitting with my wife in the meadow behind our house soaking up the sun, the flowers and the view of Solsbury Hill.

Funniest moment: Falling off a sledge and chasing after that same sledge in the same meadow and never quite getting there.

Best Swim: Late afternoon in the River Avon at Warleigh Weir at the beginning of September.

Best Hangout spots: The rocks at Warleigh Weir or looking west from the top of Solsbury Hill.

What are you most looking forward to in 2014: The Summer.

Any predictions for next year: More denial and more deception. I hope the bullies, liars and cheats get their comeuppance, but sadly I think they will continue to prosper.

Colin Pantall is a UK based photographer and writer, a Senior Lecturer at University of South Wales in Newport and has a fantastic blog.


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