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Most interesting photographer you came across for the first time: Andrew Hammerand

Most interesting video artist you came across for the first time: Brian Patrick Franklin

Brian Patrick Franklin, Dive,  continuous loop video from the Fermata series.

Best photo books:
The New Town, by Andrew Hammerand...by far.

Hester by Asger Carlsen, a close second.


Best book: House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski (published several years ago, but a great reading experience)

Best website: American Suburb X

Best publication: Excerpt Magazine!

Best thing: Peanut butter & jelly sammies

Best completely miscellaneous thing: New boots!

Exciting hellos: To many brilliant and engaging photo-artists

Best triumphs: Exhibiting work in China...three times.

What are you most looking forward to in 2014?: Continuing my graduate work and publishing more most excellent photo-work on In the In-Between.

Any predictions for next year?: The Buffalo Bills will (not) win the Superbowl.

Gregory Eddi Jones is an artist based in New York, he is also editor of In the In-Between, a journal of digital imaging. Greg is currently completing his MFA at Visual Studies Workshop and he was one of the artists in Excerpt's exhibition Embedded at Strange Neighbour.

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