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Most interesting photographer you came across for the first time: I forgot

Most interesting video artist you came across for the first time: Didn’t care

Best exhibitions: I forgot

Best photo book: Didn’t read much

Best book: Really Don’t know

Best television series: Now I like The Walking Dead

Best movie: Don’t know

Best youtube videos: China don’t have Youtube

Best music video: Don’t know

Best music: Don’t know

Best websites: Don’t know

Best publications: Don’t know

Best thing: Love back by the person one is in love with

Best completely miscellaneous thing: Being alive

Stupidest decision: Back in Beijing

Best flashback: Don’t know

Sad goodbyes: Don't wanna talk about it

Exciting hellos: Don’t know

Best triumphs: Don’t know

Happiest moments: I am not going to tell you

Greatest loss for everyone: Don’t know

Greatest win for everyone: Don’t know

What are you most looking forward to in 2014?: Don’t know

Any predictions for next year?: I Will be older


Hao Guo is a Beijing based artist. He was featured in Issue #3 of Excerpt Magazine.

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