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Most interesting photographer you came across for the first time: Philipe Spigolon

Best photograph stuck in your head for months: Maury Gortemiller, Untitled, 2013 (image below)



Most interesting video artist you came across for the first time:
Hugo Arcier

Directed by Hugo Arcier, 2013
Music by Thomas Mercier.
Production Studio Hugo Arcier. 

This film is a tribute to artist and director Len Lye in the shape of a friendly confrontation between analog and digital.  READ MORE HERE

Best exhibitions:
Kit Wise, Flood exhibited at Screen Space, Melbourne
Daniel von Sturmer, After Images exhibited at Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne

Inez de Vega, Dying not to be exhibited at KINGS ARI, Melbourne

Best online exhibition:  Dina Kelberman, Smoke & Fire at New Museum.

Best VCA graduate: Sarah Tempe Treleaven

Best photo book: Paul Kwiatkowski And Everday Was Overcast, Black Balloon Publishing, 2013


Best book: Villette by Charlotte Brontë, 1853. 

Best GIF:   MrDiv (Matthew DiVito) disco_sphere, 2013  (see below)


Best television series: Enlightened

Best movie: Spring Breakers    

Best music video:  Takeshi Murata video, Oneohtrix Point Never - Problem Areas, Warp Records   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvDzaQOSZ3E

 Video by Takeshi Murata for Oneohtrix Point Never - Problem Areas by Warp records

Best music: Tonetta, Hitler, 2011 but I only discovered recently  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgn7Xyur258&list=PL054E5A6EED0B1CCD

Best website: Internet Archive Wayback Machine, an amazing cultural-research resource that archives websites. With so many sites vanishing like lemmings over the cliff this site is invaluable.   archive.org/web

Best photography website:  Urbanautica keeps me inspired for Excerpt. Steve Bisson, editor of Urbanautica, is also writing a post of 2013 highlights for the Excerpt blog!

Best photography blog:   Hippolyte Bayard by Fabio Severo

Best online publications: Excerpt! Also DIS Magazine and In the In-Between and Landscape Stories, in particular  #11 Wealth by Guest Editor Fabio Severo

Best hardcopy publication: Ampersand Magazine

Ampersand Magazine

Ampersand Magazine

Best thing: The Rolling Jubillee project- a bailout of the people by the people.

Stupidest decision: the senseless, soulless & disgusting treatment of refugees by both major Australian political parties

Exciting hellos: all the young feminists who are re-energising discussions both online and off about what women deserve

Best triumph:  getting a huge mac desktop after 3 years working on a 14 inch macbook

Greatest loss for everyone: Tony Abbott being elected and his vile audacity to nominate himself as minister for women's policies and programs and also appointing one sole woman in his cabinet. What a travesty.

What are you most looking forward to in 2014?: creative momentum

Any predictions for next year?: The beginning of the gradual death of selfies, pet drones that are painted like parrots and a further-crystallised anti-establishment cultural movement that activates new ideas and aesthetics.

Amy Marjoram is a Melbourne based artist and Editor of Excerpt Magazine. She also writes and curates projects and is on the boards of Strange Neighbour & Georges Mora Foundation.





‘Embedded’ presents an incredible line up of Australian and International artists curated by Excerpt Magazine’s Amy Marjoram & Michael Meneghetti.

Nicole Breedon (AUS) // Greg Jones (USA) // Pablo Jones Soler (UK) / Kim Laughton (UK) // Hector Llanquin (WALLMAPU) //Zach Nader (USA) // Simon Pericich (AUS) // Georgie Roxby Smith (AUS)

The works in ‘Embedded’ all mash, twist, suspend or endlessly repeat aspects of screen-mediated living. Where the beautiful and grotesque can be one and the same, where death can be endless or invigorating, where desire is soaked up, cleaned off and expressed as abstracted lifestyle choices. Reality has become quaint. Everything has become easier and more complex. Wallow in the allure, it is as real as anything else.

We hope everyone can make it to the opening on Wednesday 30 October 6-9pm at Strange Neighbour in Fitzroy, Melbourne. ALL WELCOME.

The show then runs for the next 3 days until 2 November with Strange Neighbour open each day 11am - 6pm (The exhibition will also be open on Wednesday 30 before the opening from 11am-6pm.)

Thank you so much to Strange Neighbour for having us and Artbox who are providing technical support!


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