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"The festival is ambitious in scale. In this current historical moment grand gestures are essential, not only, but especially by groups of powerful women."
-  Willoh S.Weiland,  Artistic Director, Aphids



Channels Festival is co-directed by Eugenia Lim, Jessie Scott & Rachel Feery. 


Channels Festival runs from 18-21 September, 2013



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This new International biennial festival kicked off with the must see exhibition Transformer at Melbourne's Screen Space featuring Ms&Mr and Benjamin Ducroz. The main gallery was packed out with people illuminated by the light from the vertical strip of screen that was Cumulo (2013) 3m10s by Benjamin Ducroz and the Ms&Mr work Videodromes For The Alone: Amputee of the Neurotic Future 1988/2012. In the back corner the Ms&Mr work Crash (Teen Ballad/Ballard) 1988/2012, an altered artefact on paper, anchored and  helped contextualise the larger 3 channel synced video work. 

Transformer is open 12-6 this Thursday - Saturday.

MS & MR 

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"The pulsating sci-fi psychosexual abstract encounter that is Videodromes For The Alone: Amputee of the Neurotic Future 1988/2012 by Ms&Mr at Screenspace is definitely worth a visit. Like a chronology-collapsed dreamscape it is bizarre, compelling, vulnerable, foreboding, ruined, dangerous, fascinating, erotic, alarming and uncontrollable."- Linsey Gosper,  co-director of Strange Neighbour

Occult to do list

"We spend our whole lives tampering with our naivety, telling ourselves that our past flops and fails really weren't that bad and that the things we used to brag about really were that awesome. But Ms&Mr twist and warp the idea of a safe nostalgic revisit in their installations. They bring together personalized fiction and retro, cinematic sci-fi flourishes in an unsettling mix that is as creepy as it is alluring. Taking their old VHS home video footage they retroactively construct videos filled with both wishful thinking and false prophecies. The resulting works remain oddly relatable in their lo-fi beginnings despite the hallucinatory mash ups and exotic renderings of slowly sinking and wobbling cars and looped fragments."  - Amy Marjoram





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TRANSFORMERS- Benjamin Ducroz-_cumulo__001 (1).jpg


Video Art in the Cinema

Video Visions was a fantastic and unusual opportunity to see video art in a cinema. Soda_Jerk's work was a highlight within this context,  there video remash returning full circle to the space from which the original source material appeared. Layla Vardo's O-bit, 2009 a compilation of Richard Morecroft's trademark sucking in of air at the commencement of his TV news presentations was also fantastic to see. The large scale projection highlighted Morecroft's evolving style and consistent air suckage while the lead in graphics helped track the years.  Both these works, in compressing footage from different release times, convincingly foreground the performers as people beyond their roles, with Soda_Jerk this came from sophisticated blending of different movie narratives while Vardo achieved this through simple splices of a carefully whittled down TV news archive.

Soda_Jerk , The Phoenix Portal (Excerpt) 2005

A young River Phoenix from the film Explorers (1985) opens a wormhole to contact his older self in My Own Private Idaho (1991). Irrevocably haunted by the tragic death of Phoenix in 1993, The Phoenix Portal is an archival séance fiction that summons the paranormal power of recorded media to embalm time and seemingly reanimate the dead. This is the first work in Soda_Jerk's Dark Matter Cycle, an ongoing series of video installations that are concerned with personal and historical experiences of time, and how these relations are mediated by screen technologies.    WWW.SODAJERK.COM.AU

  Arjen de Leeuw, Act, 2012,  3.20min presented in Video Visions  www.arjendeleeuw.com

Lorraine Heller-Nicholas, Love Me, Loves Me Not, 2011-12, 2.15min  presented in Video Visions  www.heller-nicholas.com

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