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Talia Smith & Christine McFetridge curated an exceptionally nuanced selection of New Zealand photographers for The Weather Was Ideal and Excerpt Magazine wishes to thank them for sharing this project with the Excerpt audience.

Thank you to the photographers Blair Barclay, Natasha Cantwell, Harry Culy, Sam Dow, Raewyn Gilkes, Geoffrey Heath, Leilani Heather, Shelley Jacobson, Anton Maurer, Christine McFetridge, Solomon Mortimer, Talia Smith, Abby Storey, Anita Tótha & Tim J. Veling for sharing their work as part of The Weather Was Ideal. It is clear that current photographic work within New Zealand has depths and resonance that is far reaching.

We want to continue to make strong connections between Excerpt Magazine and New Zealand photo-based practice and in the coming months will be sharing more work. Christine McFetridge who is currently based in Melbourne, and Talia Smith, who is based in Auckland until July - December 2014 when she will be guest curating at Gaffa in Sydney, are strengthening cross-currents between the Australian and New Zealand photography communities both as photographers and curators and this is so exciting to see. 


Photograph by Tim J. Veling

Photograph by Tim J. Veling

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