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Most interesting photographers you came across for the first time: Seriously too many to name – Barry Stone’s work has stayed with me more than most though.

Most interesting video artists you came across for the first time: I really like Brian Patrick Franklin’s fermata series and Ryan Whittier Hale’s Undulating Landscape.

Best exhibitions: 
Pieter Schoolwerth’s After Troy at Miguel Abreu Gallery
James Hyde and Jessica Labatte at Horton Gallery
Erin Shirreff: Day is Long at Lisa Cooley
Barry Stone at Klaus von Nichtssagend

Best book: The Wretched of the Screen by Hito Steyerl – a must read for anyone thinking about images today.

Best television series: Breaking Bad is the only one I somewhat scheduled my life around, so it must win by default.


Best movie: that I saw? Nebraska

Best youtube videos: They are all winners.

Best dogs: Cookie and Ollie

Best website: Triple Canopy 3.0

Best publication: n+1

Best ice cream: Ample Hills, Brooklyn, NY

What are you most looking forward to in 2014?: launching a new format and site for useful pictures

Any predictions for next year?: more snow

Zach Nader is an artist based in New York, he also co-curates the online project useful pictures.  Zach was one of the artists in Excerpt's exhibition Embedded at Strange Neighbour in 2013.

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