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Videos in ISSUE 6 of Excerpt Magazine
Issue Theme: Life, Death & Bureaucracy
Launched: December 2013

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Alejandro Cartagena - Suburban Marketing - part of the series Landscape as Bureaucracy 02:00min

Alejandro Cartagena - 735 houses - part of the series Landscape as Bureaucracy 02:33min

Georgia Roxby Smith - The Fall Girl, Machinima, PS3 Skyrim - 2012  08:07min

Placed as prop, non player, damsel in distress or sub-hero, the gaming female character is rarely a ‘player’ of any importance. Where female character heroes are in place, they are often overtly sexualized, such as the hyper real soft pornography of Lara Croft’s female form. The male gaze manifests itself bi-fold in an immersive environment populated by young men invested in hours of play and character’s own digital peers.

The Fall Girl is a recreated death glitch which occurred whilst playing Skyrim. This death loop magnifies and distorts the violence against the female body and, in its relentlessness, begins to blur between the lines between intention - suicide, murder, accident or perpetual punishment. By removing the game play in between scenes, which when isolated are disturbing in their sharp focus, the viewer becomes critically aware of the hyper- representation of the character and the violence enacted against her. The protagonist is eternally and perpetually punished in an inescapable digital loop.

Georgie Mattingley - White Anaesthesia - 2012  03:12
3 channel video (to watch in full screen click icon in the right hand corner of video)

This sound is a component  of Todd Anderson-Kunert's work Everything in it's place on page 41 of Excerpt Magazine Issue #6 Please listen while viewing the images that together make up the work.

Kawita Vatanajyankur - Wet Rag - 2012  01:55min
courtesy of the artist and Beam Contemporary, Melbourne

Jen Broadhurst - Prawn - 2013  02:09min

Ross Coulter - What the World Needs Now - 2006  04:44min

Nicole Breedon - End Game - 2009  02:08min

End Game is a looped video collage; a never-ending sequence of recognisable characters from computer/video games from the 1980’s and 90’s meeting their demise. In the frenzy of blips and lurid colour, the viewer eventually becomes aware that the characters are dying in a continual spree of accidental death and murder. The contrast between the simple graphics harsh sound effects and distinctively limited colour palette from these iconic games and the horror of what is occurring, is an interesting schism which existed before the advent of more realistic computer games such as Doom 3D, possibly the first computer game which featured immersive three-dimensional realistic violence.

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